2015 Honda Pioneer 500

Less than a year has passed from Pioneer 700 introduction and Honda already has one more all-new UTV. Now it is turn for 2015 Honda Pioneer 500, which is smaller, but that doesn’t necessary means less fun, weaker performances etc. The 2015 Pioneer is designed to be just like real full-size side x side vehicle. It has independent suspension, four-wheel-drive system, paddle shifts, enough cargo space etc. It is very versatile vehicle, designed for various types of operations.

2015 Honda Pioneer 500

2015 Honda Pioneer 500 redesign

This UTV is designed to be capable for any situation. Total length is 102.5 inches, width is 50 inches, while wheelbase is 73.1 inches. Despite small dimensions, it can carry two passengers and it has a decent rear rack, which can accommodate 450 pounds. Moreover, towing capacity is 1000 pounds. The 2015 Honda Pioneer 500 uses mid-size 475 cc engine which is paired with 5-speed transmission. Great thing about 2015 Honda Pioneer 500 are paddle shifters. It uses an electric shifting system, with paddles that are positioned on the steering column. On the nice dashboard you will find an electric display which shows what gear you are in. Just like its bigger brother Pioneer 700, this one can also operate in full time 2WD and 4WD and this is also shown on the dashboard. Otherwise, dashboard is very simple, but very practical – it will show you every information you need like fuel level or foregoing drive mode.

2015 Honda Pioneer 500

2015 Honda Pioneer 500 customization

This is one more great thing about 2015 Honda Pioneer 500. Not only that is so small that you can park it in your room, you can also build and mount it by yourself. According to company’s information, there are more than 46 customizations available. You can choose different types of roofs, windshields, door panels, rear cab nets, cargo boxes etc. If you add to this a choice of Red, Olive, Yellow or Camo-coloured bodywork, it is obvious that there are many possibilities to create your own, unique model.

2015 Honda Pioneer 500

2015 Honda Pioneer 500 release date and price

The 2015 Honda Pioneer 500 will be available late this summer. Price has not been announced yet.

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