2015 Honda Metropolitan

Stylish scooter with great fuel economy, that is the explanation in few words for 2015 Honda Metropolitan. However, there are many more things about this bike beside it. Its price is also plus, and it is excellent choice if you are going to use it for daily commuting. Cruising around town has never been easier and more practical. Additionally, Metropolitan offers enough storage room for few things to carry. Powetrain is not huge, but it offers good outputs comparing to its volume.

2015 Honda Metropolitan front view

2015 Honda Metropolitan drivetrain

Power to the 2015 Honda Metropolitan comes from 49 cc engine with single cylinder. A four-stroke unit can move scooter to max speed 47 mph. On the other side, it is very economic, with fuel economy of 117 mpg. Fuel tank can take 1.2 gallons, so with one fill, Metropolitan can go almost 130 miles. This should be enough for few days of commuting, so no worries about often visits of gas stations. Programmed fuel injection feature helps a lot in this segment. Another thing buyers of the 2015 Metropolitan won’t have to worry about is mechanic troubles. Reliability and durability of Honda’s products are shown here. Metropolitan scooter uses V-matic automatic transmission with one speed. So, there is no need for shifting, even for parking or neutral.

2015 Honda Metropolitan side view

2015 Honda Metropolitan design

This scooter is available in three paint color schemes. Buyers can pick from Pearl blue and black, then Pink metallic and pearl white and final option is just white. The 2015 Honda Metropolitan is one of the best scooters in offer currently, and its styling makes advantage. For greater convenience there is a hook that holds totes and grocery bags. There is inner rack for smaller items. For bigger things, such as helmet, rider can use 22-liter storage room under the seat. This area is water-resistant. Price for this convenient bike is just under $2000 for model with standard equipment. For additional details and features, 2015 Metropolitan cost slightly northern of this value.

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