2015 Honda Insight

The future of this hybrid car is under question. Firstly, for 2015 was planned all-new, third generation of this model which was originally launched in 1999. The Honda’s hybrid car was planned to be a hard competitor to Prius, but suddenly it loose. Insight’s sales number is below any possible minimum that company projected. To be even worse, Toyota sold tens of times more units than Honda in past years. We can say that this Honda’s project is definitely a complete failure. If we add the fact that there is no sign of any merchandise prospect, it is evident that something is wrong with new generation project. There are two kinds of speculations about new Insight – one is that introduction of third generation is delayed, while the other one is that production of new 2015 Honda Insight is canceled.

2015 Honda Insight

2015 Honda Insight redesign 

If we take that 2015 Insight will be launched, we can presume some changes, improvements etc. Design of new model will definitely improved with some new head/taillights, more aggressive lines, bigger wheels and some other thing which will give this model overall better look. However, it will basically remain the same type of car. Interior is also expected to be improved. New model will probably get new dash and big color touch screen, it will have more space for passengers etc. Honda has always been known for its safety, so improvements are expected here too.

2015 Honda Insight

2015 Honda Insight engine

Well, at this point it is very hard to say anything 2015 Honda Insight engine. Current model is equipped with 1.3 liter petrol engine which combined with electromotor produces 98 horsepower. We expect new Insight to have more power, but also much better fuel economy. Current model has 42 mpg combine, which is pretty much under today’s standards (for example, new Fit Hybrid has 64 mpg). It will probably have front-wheel drive and CVT automatic transmission, just like its predecessor.

2015 Honda Insight

2015 Honda Insight release date and price

This situation is very unclear, so it is very difficult to predict launching date. Price is also hard to predict, but we expect 2015 Honda Insight to be quite a lot cheaper than Prius, just like previous year models were.

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