2015 Honda Grom

One of the most favorite bike is back, Japanese car and motorcycle company confirmed. It is 2015 Honda Grom, which major upgrades will be in styling. This is a compact bike with not so long tradition, but its first models were very successful so Honda decided to refresh a lineup for a bit. From feedbacks, we know that Grom was found as unique bike. Customers in most occasions agreed this is very fun to drive, so we expect the same from 2015 Grom. Its new colors will just add more attractiveness to it excellent design.

2015 Honda Grom front view

2015 Honda Grom specs

In most parts of the world, this engine is known as MSX125 because of its 125cc engine. This powertrain will be carried over to the 2015 Honda Grom bike. It is four-stroke, air-cooled engine that uses fuel injection and electric start. Because of that, it is really simple to start and get moving on the Grom. Drivetrain sips 87-octane into its 1.45-gallon fuel tank. With it, Grom can go around 100 miles. Transmission is 4-speed manual, cable actuated clutch.

2015 Honda Grom redesign

Main styling change on the 2015 Honda Grom will be two additional colors. Popular red and black colors are carried over to the 2015 model, while it also gets two new schemes. These are Pearl White and Yellow, and according to first reactions, buyers are pleased with it. However, we still have to wait until official market launch, but we are sure that Honda will not disappoint.

2015 Honda Grom side view

2015 Honda Grom styling

It is expected from new Grom to have probably the same seat. With just 30-inch low, gives excellent approach for riders. It can carry second person, but then space is a bit tiny for both driver and that passenger. Lights are combined. On the front end, we have projector-style headlight. It offers great look and excellent visibility at night. On the back end is LED lamp instead of big one. Dashboard is installed with speedometer, odometer and tachometer, while there are also some other standard features, such as A&B trip meters, fuel gauge and clock. Wheels are 12-inch with 10 spokes, equipped with urban tires for all conditions. There are also 220m front and 190m rear single disc brakes giving excellent stopping power.

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