2015 Honda Gold Wing

After a decade of silence, Honda decided to go again with its old and well known models in bike segment. After 2014 year, we will see 2015 Honda Gold Wing. Motorcycles are where Japanese company dominates the market. It is growing in car industry, but Honda established its name in bikes circles as the best producer, so that reputation must be held. Because of that, we have  new Honda Gold Wing not too long after 2014 year model.

2015 honda gold wing

2015 Honda Gold Wing redesign

The 2015 Honda Gold Wing is a part of Valkyrie lineup. It is top of the class model also for 2014, but it is considered as base option. For example, downsized F6B is lower trim level of Honda Gold Wing 2015. Highlight of this bike was great comfort. Now, it is even better. Bodywork is to be fully covered, bike will be longer and all these modifications are made to boost comfort and ride impression. After 40 years, this motorcycle is still attractive and wanted. So, if it is possible, company is trying to offer luxury on two wheels with 2015 Gold Wing.

2015 honda gold wing side view

2015 Gold Wing riding impression

Not too many bikes could brag about ride quality as 2015 Honda Gold Wing. It kept comfort from their predecessors. Also, driving mechanics were boosted, and now power, performance, riding smoothness, are all better. The 2015 Gold Wing will have bigger engine with more power in it. Details are not unveiled yet, but expectations are big.

2015 Honda Gold Wing features

It was rumored that 2015 Gold Wing could have its own navigation system, which is great for a motorcycle. For standards of this segment, this model is very luxurious. It has well-known saddlebags, as well as windshield and full-coverage bodywork. The 2015 Honda Gold Wing will be available in few trim levels. Also, many packages and upgrades could be purchased, so all riders could modify their bike as they wish.

2015 honda gold wing rear view

2015 Gold Wing price

Base models of 2015 Honda Gold Wing costs around $24.000. With many upgrades, price raises to $31.000. We expect this model to arrive soon, and it is not impossible if happens before the end of 2014.

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