2015 Honda Forza

Honda have produced relatively new bike in scooter segment. It is 2015 Honda Forza and it offers more than usual scooter can do. Powerful engine secures smooth ride. Passenger won’t affect performance or comfort since there is plenty of room behind the rider. Also, another additional plus is for storage room, where you can store two big helmets. This bike is multifunctional, since you can use it as commuting machine, for fun or as luxurious motorcycle. It can be used for city ride or on open road. Transportation usage is probably most frequent, so company paid the most attention on this part of Forza.

2015 Honda Forza front view

2015 Honda Forza engine

There are many advantages of 2015 Honda Forza and probably the most impressive part of the scooter is its engine. Bike is propelled by a 279 cc four-stroke engine with single cylinder and liquid cooling. Powerful drivetrain can produce enough power for various uses. Great help comes from Programmed fuel injection, one of the Honda’s systems that make difference between Japanese company and competition. It makes perfect mix of gas, and with it 2015 Forza can go 68 mpg.

2015 Honda Forza wheel

Fuel tank can take 3 gallons, so it can be easily calculated that bike can run over 200 miles in one tank fill. Engine is mated to a automatic CVT transmission. This is another plus for Forza, since riders don’t have to worry about shifting. Ride is smooth since there are no bumps while changing gears. Electric start makes this scooter even more reliable, with easy starting , even on cold weather.

2015 Honda Forza redesign

Although Honda is well known for its reliability this is not only matter they paid attention on new Forza. It is also practical and good looking thanks to many details. Highlight of the styling is long and comfortable seat, even for passenger. Its place is higher than rider’s, so other person has excellent position for seeing the road. Bodywork is also designed to give better aerodynamics.

2015 Honda Forza seat

Engine is placed low, and its unique link minimizes vibration from powertrain, which leads to smoother ride over dumpy road. Another extra feature is huge storage room under the seats. Two big helmets could be stored there.

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