2015 Honda CRF50F

If you start your rider career as a kid, the best option to pick to enter the world of motocross machines is Honda’s 50 category. Japanese manufacturer is world leader in motorcycle industry, so you will probably pick it as reliable and company with a lot of experience. For this year, they launched 2015 Honda CRF50F as a part of their refreshed lineup for dirt bikes. However, this machine is great for kid rookies – compact, with nice styling, good engine and features specially designed and tuned for users with less experience. Power is in relation with skill level, so we shouldn’t expect spectacular things of new Honda CRF50F.

2015 Honda CRF50F front view

2015 Honda CRF50F powertrain

The 2015 Honda CRF50F is propelled by air-cooled, four – stroke SOHC engine of 49 cc and single cylinder. Unit has two valves. For such small vehicle, it is excellent off-roader, and that is a kind of circumstances where it shows best of itself. For power transmission a 3-speed gearbox is used, with automated clutch. A 13 mm piston carburetor and adjustable throttle limiter are important parts of the bike, because they provide extra versatility. Top speed set for this model is 40 mph.

2015 Honda CRF50F wheel

2015 Honda CRF50F equipment

A 10-inch tires are placed on both wheels. Overall wheelbase length is just 36 inches. Seating position is at 21.6 inches, and there is 5.8 inches left under the bike for ground clearance. Compact motorcycle, with standard features, all fluids poured, and full fuel tank of 0.7 gallons, is weighted 110 pounds. Gs tank has a 0.2 gallon for reserve. Base model is available in red color. Nevertheless, the 2015 Honda CRF50F has many more features for value of $1400. For better control of who rides, there is keyed ignition.

2015 Honda CRF50F side view

Also, parents can control the ride of their kids with adjustable throttle limiter. It offers to them to limit top speed according to experience of the rider. By the way, company stated that 2015 CRF50F was made for 13 year old children and older. Steel frame is durable, and tough bodywork gives extra reliability to this dirt bike.

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