2015 Honda CRF250L

The 2015 Honda CRF250L is a multifunctional motorbike. It can be used for off-road ride, as well as sport bike. Its all-around functionality impresses all riders that use CRF250L for the first time. Efficiency and design are also superb, while price is not so cheap. However, for $5.000 all buyers will get excellent bike. Because engine is very strong, higher seating position gives extra comfort for riders. On the other hand, other features give extra handling and smoothness while riding over bumps and poor roads. That is when versatility of Honda CRF250L comes to the fore.

2015 Honda CRF250L

2015 Honda CRF250L engine

The 2015 Honda CRF250L gets power from single-cylinder, four-stroke DOHC unit with liquid-cooling system and displacement of 249.6 cc. As other motorcycles in this segment, CRF250L also has Programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI). This system helps bike to deliver better performance and fuel economy. Transmission system paired with Four-stroke unit is 6-speed. Fuel tank has capacity of two gallons, which is good for run of almost 150 miles from one fill, since estimated mileage is 73 mpg. Other mentionable features are electric starter, counterbalance, and double-overhead cams.

2015 Honda CRF250L side view

2015 Honda CRF250L features

Seating position is very comfortable, even for riders with longer legs. Passenger seat is prepared well also. Long seat can take other person and footpegs are mounted on frame. Also, the 2015 Honda CRF250L does not lose on its maneuverability and handling. It could be because of big wheels used for bike. Front end is equipped with 21-inch and rear with 18-inch wheels. These offer wide range of tires, depending on needs – city and open road touring, or off-road adventures. For that, CRF250L has inverted forks, which boost handling in these conditions. On the other hand, strong steel frame provides durability and can make through toughest conditions. Control panel is equipped with digital instrument cluster, including speedometer, clock and twin tripmeter among many features.

2015 Honda CRF250L rear view

Surprise of this multifunctional bike comes when you realize there is an option to include cargo. Special hooks are mounted and light load could be put on 2015 CRF250L. Riders don’t have to worry about bodywork. Another, small pockets are placed on the body, for tiny items. All features make this bike so versatile.

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