2015 Honda CRF250 Rally Concept

At this moment, Honda SFA concept is the most fascinating platform used by manufacturer. However, it could change soon, since company prepared new one, which could top its popularity. We have 2015 Honda CRF250 Rally Concept as a part of new-coming bikes presented at Osaka Motorcycle Show. This concept is similar to CRF250L bike, used in Dakar Rally. However, some new things were added and existing updated and changed. Outside, it looks like classic rally motorcycle. But, some additions on the body and chassis make the Rally Concept different. It looks good, but it is not confirmed yet if Honda is going to keep it or drop it. First impressions from fans and visitors of Osaka Show were positive, so we are optimistic about this model.

2015 Honda CRF250 Rally Concept front view

2015 Honda CRF250 Rally Concept engine

There is no official information about specifications of the engine for 2015 Honda CRF250 Rally Concept. However, names of the bikes are telling something, so we are sure that 250 cc displacement is going to give power to new bike. Single-cylinder unit used by current CRF250L could be matrix for it, but for Rally Concept is expected to get some improvements and match current 23 hp. Also, similar suspension and chassis is expected, but again modified for new motorcycle.

2015 Honda CRF250 Rally Concept side view

2015 Honda CRF250 Rally Concept redesign

Outside appearance of the 2015 Honda CRF250 Rally Concept says this is off-road bike. It is somehow stouter than classic rally motorcycles. Some parts, as modified fuel tank, are boosting visual styling, but also gives fact that designed was copies from CRF250L. Windscreen is larger and made of plexiglass. It gives more aggressive look to CRF250 Rally Concept. Other features implemented on front are LED headlights, and headlight protector. There is plastic mudguard that extends forward, which keep lights of mud. At the rear end are large brackets on the frame, which could be used for mounting components, such as luggage racks.

2015 Honda CRF250 Rally Concept price

As for design and drivetrain details, pricing wasn’t released yet. Comparing to other models, like base CRF250, which is valued around $5.000, we are sure that 2015 Honda CRF250 Rally Concept will have lower tag. According to expert thoughts, it is more likely that around $3.500 will be more likely to hang from new Rally Concept.

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