2015 Honda CRF150R

The 2015 Honda CRF150R is probably the best MX bike in its class. Design and engine have all qualities which are synonyms for Honda – durability, attractiveness, reliability. It is a quite a joy to ride this machine with 4-stroke unit, which is surrounded with many quality features and parts. Also, newest Honda technologies are used for this model. The most interesting part is that 2015 CRF150R is available in two versions – standard and Expert. Latest one mentioned has higher seat and bigger wheels. Also, its swingarm is longer.

2015 Honda CRF150R front view

2015 Honda CRF150R performance

As it was already said, this bike is one of the best MX motorcycles. There are many reasons to believe so. First of all, it uses liquid-cooled, 149 cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine which is mated to close ratio five-speed gearbox. Most notable part is Showa suspension system, which makes ride so smooth. It is adjustable 37mm leading-axle fork, tuned for bumps of different sizes. Design of the 2015 Honda CRF150R also helps while rebounding. This feature boosts handling over smaller and faster bumps on and off the road.

2015 Honda CRF150R rear view

2015 Honda CRF150R features

Some of the notable features that make new Honda CRF150R better are front and rear disc brakes. From these two, powerful and precise braking is secured. That wouldn’t be possible if these are not mated to same quality wheels. Strong, but on the other hand, lightweight and durable wheels minimize unsprung weight. Accelerator pump with direct push offers superb throttle response. Pro-link rear suspensions betters handling, and in combination with Showa shock, makes perfect combination for bump absorption and wheel control.

2015 Honda CRF150R

2015 Honda CRF150R redesign

Overall wheelbase length of the 2015 Honda CRF150R is 49.6 inches. Seat is set at 32.8 inches, while leaving 11.9 inches of clearance under the bike. With all new features and use of lightweight materials for parts, curb weight of 2015 CRF150R is 185 pounds, including full tank with capacity of 1.1 gallon.

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