2015 Honda CRF110F

Honda is leader in motorcycle segment. Other companies can compete them in some classes, but Honda is the one that everyone compete in all classes. From racing bikes, to motocross, it is all-present. Off-road lineup in now being refreshed with models made for all kind of users, from rookies, to professionals. Exactly these will get new 2015 Honda CRF110F motorcycle easy to ride. Compact, entry model features electric start and it is the lightest bike from entire CRF segment, which makes controlling it a lot simpler. Price of $2100 is just perfect to start motorcycling career.

2015 Honda CRF110F

2015 Honda CRF110F engine

When you see the name of 2015 Honda CRF110F, you probably ask for number in it. That is a mark for engine, which is bigger comparing to smallest model in CRF lineup. A 110 cc air-cooled unit gives power to the bike through four-speed transmission with automatic clutch, and it is reliable and perfect for rookies in off-road bike riding. For easier mastering the CRF110F, features as electric starter and a kick starter should help.

2015 Honda CRF110F side view

2015 Honda CRF110F redesign

Overall weight of the 2015 Honda CRF110F is just 163 pounds. Wheelbase is just under 42 inches long. Frame is made of sturdy steel that brings engine and other components. Its quality is good enough for all kinds of bumps and obstacles in off-road ride. Additionally, new Honda CRF110F has 31 mm telescopic fork with travel distance of 3.9 inches. A rear single-shock with 3.4 inches of travel is also installed on the bike.

2015 Honda CRF110F rear view

2015 Honda CRF110F features

Some of the cool features on the 2015 Honda CRF110F are maintenance-free CD ignition or cam-chain tensioner. Motorcycle offers adjustable throttle limiter to keep new users from high speeds. That is excellent system, since CRF110F is made for rookies and riders without experience. Automatic transmission also eases the lessons of bike-riding. Also, four-gear box has excellent and smooth transmission. Seat height is lower than usual, and kick-starter feature can make your 2015 CRF110F start at once, even it hasn’t been used for longer period.

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