2015 Honda Civic Coupe

Honda Civic in 2015 will be again available in two body styles – sedan and coupe. Except exterior look, difference will be notable on interior and in performance. Since its premiere Honda is developing Civic Coupe, fixing all lacks it has before. Now, 2015 Honda Civic Coupe is best vehicle so far. Success is made by fixing and improving suspension, which would be best for the car if there is no sporty Si model of Civic. For 2015 Civic Coupe car will be refreshed. Also, small boost is expected in outputs, but nothing spectacular since all-new model of Civic is expected in 2016, and with it probably Coupe model.

2015 Honda Civic Coupe

2015 Honda Civic Coupe engine

All 2015 Honda Civic models will be packed with 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. For the 2015 Honda Civic Coupe, used drive system is front-wheel drive and manual transmission is mated to powertrain. Other versions have a CVT offered, but not Coupe model. Engine is capable to deliver 163 hp and 129 lb-ft of torque. Current model can sprint 0-60 mph in 9 seconds. It is expected that 2015 Civic Coupe top this mark. Generally, this is slower than average for this class.

2015 Honda Civic Coupe

2015 Honda Civic Coupe styling

The 2015 Honda Civic is available as sedan and coupe. The 2015 Honda Civic Coupe has significantly less space inside the cabin. It is mostly registered when you measure legroom on the back seats. Sedan models are comfortable, while in coupe models that couldn’t be said. Also, cargo room is shredded comparing to sedan and competition. What could be highlight of the new Honda Civic Coupe is its safety. Many features are included and updated from current model. Breaking system is improved, and for 2014 year model was one of the best in the class. Also, other safety systems include front side airbags, side curtain airbags and a rearview camera. Higher-end models have even more features.

2015 Honda Civic Coupe interior

2015 Honda Civic Coupe performance

Handling of the 2015 Honda Civic Coupe is impressive. It has modified suspension, as Civic Si model, but less powerful engine. On the speed and acceleration end, it is behind Si, but for cornering and overall driving impression, 2015 Civic Coupe is side by side with performance boosted Civic model.

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