2015 Honda CBR500R

The 2015 Honda CBR500R is excellent bike, both for commuting, but also having attractive look and excellent performance. It is sport version of CB500 segment, made in 1990s. Although it was meant to be part of superbike family, CBR500R ended up as mid-size bike ready for many functions. Comparing to its relatives, CB500F and CB500X, which are agile sport vehicles, the 2015 CBR500R offers smoother ride and different kind of set up.

2015 Honda CBR500R front

2015 Honda CBR500R engine

Mid-size motorbike gets liquid-cooled 471 cc unit as a power source. It is parallel-twin engine which is shared with other bike from same producer, the CBR600RR. Bore size is 2.6378 inches and stroke 2.7086 inches. Two bikes use same piston size. Throttle is boosted with dual-overhead-cam setup. It has four valves in each head that controls intake better and gives precise throttle control. First gear of a 6-speed gearbox is somehow short, but number of gears is enough to control rpm. The 2015 CBR500R accelerate to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds and top speed is set at 116 mph. Performance is ideal for experienced users, since riders can’t go wild with it, but also excellent for newbies, which can get into the world of sport bikes with this machine.

2015 Honda CBR500R redesign

Styling of the 2015 Honda CBR500R is very similar to some other models, since same platform is used. Most comparing bike is powerful CBR1000RR, or much smaller CBR300R. The “R” mark in names indicate super-sport look. There is no much of body panels on the motorcycle, and legs are protected by front fairing. Windshield is designed to direct air flow for best aerodynamic, so CBR500R can get few more miles in top speed. Although its design is sporty, bike can be used as a transport vehicle for everyday commuting. On this multi-functional character of its bikes Honda is insisting.

2015 Honda CBR500R

2015 Honda CBR500R price

Price of the 2015 Honda CBR500R is an excellent indicator of its quality and purpose. Sport bike that could be purchased for $6.300 is great deal. On the other hand, for transportation vehicle it is too much, but still offers superb performance.

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