2015 Honda Brio

It is reported that Honda is working on the new compact crossover vehicle. It is believed that it will come as 2015 Honda Brio. This car was very popular, so Japanese carmaker decided to launch version during next year. Brio platform makes the vehicle look as Honda Jazz, just smaller. However, this compact SUV is build to compete with Mercedes A-class. Main targets of 2015 Brio will be buyers in emerging markets, especially Indian. Knowing engineers from Honda, they will offer the product which will be quality and affordable. Tough task to compete in the class, so we must wait and see what will happen when sales start.

2015 Honda Brio

2015 Honda Brio platform

Brio platform has been very popular between Honda’s vehicles. Once again, another car will be made based on it, 2015 Honda Brio. We already saw hatchback before, also sedan Amaze and it was announced that upcoming Mobilio MPV will use same concept. So far, manufacturer keeps information for 2015 Brio. It is believed that Indian market will get stunning vehicle, which will look like Veyel SUV. Both vehicles are siblings to Honda Jazz concept.

2015 Honda Brio

2015 Honda Brio engine

Current model of the Brio is powered from 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine. That one is good for 65 kW, or 90 horsepower. Torque for new Honda Brio is set around 109 Nm (80 lb-ft of torque). For compact vehicle it will be excellent choice for city ride. However, we believe that Honda will add more options to 2015 Brio, with also keeping current option. New materials used in building could lower current weight of 900 kg (1985 lbs) and its fuel economy will be boosted from current 2015 Honda Brio 6,5 l/100km, or just over 36 mpg. Maximum speed won’t be changed a lot and it will be around 130 km/h (80 mph).

2015 Honda Brio

2015 Honda Brio market expectation

It is believed that company expects from 2015 Brio to be sold in more than 100.000 units per annum. Honda’s plants where 2015 Honda Brio will be made are capable to deliver over 150.000 vehicles per year. But since few models must be made, Honda is planning to use other factories to fill the market. It is planned over 200.000 units of new Honda Brio to be delivered just for Indian market.

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