2015 Honda Amaze

Honda is a global brand, reaching billions of people around the world. Their main market is in US, but they pay attention to other territories. One of the attractive places for investment is surely India. Its growing market is a chance which big companies will see as a good business opportunity. That’s why Japanese carmaker launches 2015 Honda Amaze. It will be offered worldwide, but main target is Indian market and all buyers from that region. This will be the first diesel powered sedan from Honda India team. However, vehicle will face major competition in Maruti Suzuki Dzire and it won’t be an easy task to takeover that market.

2015 Honda Amaze front view

2015 Honda Amaze specs

Amaze is a sedan vehicle of Honda Brio. These cars shares same platform, so a lot of details and solutions will be the same. There are some outlook similarities, but still, 2015 Honda Amaze gets some new lines. Rooftop is changed, and side lines and curves are modified and now they are unique for Amaze. Wheels should be changed and this sedan will get new lights on both end of the car. Also, another stylish detail from outside is chrome strip that runs across the boot.

2015 Honda Amaze interior

There are no many secrets about Honda interior features. Most of the vehicles from this company shares a lot of accessories, so nothing else is expected with 2015 Honda Amaze. Because it has the same platform as Brio, we can guess what will be placed in this sedan. Audio and safety systems will be the same, but could be upgraded. Audio controls are mounted on steering wheel, and that brings easy handling. Since we have news that wheelbase is being increased, that means more legroom should be available. Also, cargo room is more spacious now. However, this car has one negative critic, and it is about seats which couldn’t be folded or split.

2015 Honda Amaze rear view

2015 Honda Amaze engine

There will be only one engine option for 2015 Honda Amaze. Car is powered from 1.2-litre i-VTEC. This is good for just under 100 hp. It also brings 90 lbs-ft of torque. A 5-speed auto transmission is standard, and estimated fuel economy is around 35 mpg.

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