2015 Honda Accord vs 2015 Toyota Camry

Honda and Toyota are two carmakers that have been rivals for long time. Their competition over the years made both companies improve and giving buyers better and cheaper cars. There is no many segments where these two brands don’t have their representatives to battle, and so is with sedans. In this class next year we will have option to choose between 2015 Honda Accord and 2015 Toyota Camry. Both vehicles have pros and cons that made the mind of buyers. For 2015 model year both cars come refreshed, but it is obvious that 2015 Camry has more changed look.

2015 Honda Accord vs 2015 Toyota Camry

2015 Honda Accord vs 2015 Toyota Camry – engines

Among many changes for the 2015 Toyota Camry, engines will be carried over from previous model, but modified. That means we have new Camry with either 2.5-l or 3.5-liter V6. Also, 2015 Toyota Camry is available as hybrid, with combination of 2.5-l 4-cylinder petrol engine and Hybrid Synergy Drive system. The 2015 Honda Accord also offers few drivetrains. Base models has 4-cylinder engine with 185 hp. Stronger, V6 delivers 278 hp. Both 2015 Honda Accord and 2015 Toyota Camry have engines paired with automatic transmission. Manual gearbox is available in some trim packages of Honda Accord, while SE and XSE models of Camry offer stability control system that makes driving the sedan smoother.

2015 Honda Accord vs 2015 Toyota Camry

2015 Honda Accord vs 2015 Toyota Camry – pros and cons

Accord is one of the best-selling model from Honda. Fuel economy is probably main reason, even with V6 engine. Also, smooth ride is decision corner for all buyers. From other advantages, worth of mentioning is spacious cabin and cargo area in 2015 Honda Accord. However, outside look is not so bright and Honda could invest and try to restyle classic-look of Accord. Also, infotainment system has its lacks which need to be fixed. On the other side, 2015 Toyota Camry has hybrid version with great mileage rate. New look and new XSE model are real refreshment to Camry’s lineup. But, this vehicle lacks backseat room. Also, it cost more than its rival.

2015 Honda Accord vs 2015 Toyota Camry

2015 Honda Accord vs 2015 Toyota Camry – mpg and price

Two main details buyers pay attention to are price and mileage. Base model of 2015 Honda Accord costs around $22.000 while 2015 Toyota Camry starts from $24.000. Both cars have similar mpg rating with 21/35 mpg for city and highway drive that Camry offers and slightly better 21/36 mpg of Honda Accord.

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