Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid

    New Honda Civic models for 2015 year were launched. Among standard models we will have again hybrid, which is best in the class when fuel economy is criterion. However, 2015 Honda Civic Hybrid has the same design as regular car. But, interior features and trim levels are slightly modified, and of course performance. Hybrid unit […]

  • 2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid

    Japanese carmaker is going forward with its lineup and equipment for all sorts of work. Honda is not only well-known for their vehicles, but also other equipment. Recently, they started productions of snowblowers which caught a lot of interest among buyers. However, one of the machines which has shown as the most interesting is 2014 […]

  • 2014 Honda Power HS720

    US market for Honda is not chance to sell their cars and transporting vehicles. They developed another branch of their business within American Honda Motor Co. The division known as Honda Power Equipment makes powerful outdoor machines for everyday use. Among them, snowblowers are getting more and more popular every day. One of the bestselling […]

  • 2014 Honda Power HS928

    Snowblowers are latest area where Honda is making its way and a statement as one of the company with widest range of cars, machines and other equipment. They have products in lawn mowers and different type of pumps, but their sales of blowers for snow are growing every day. One of the latest models is […]

  • 2014 Honda Power HS1332

    Snowblowers are growing their popularity and their company in US. Honda made a breakthrough in the market with some new models, and seems like shovels are becoming history. The 2014 Honda Power HS1332 is one of the latest updates with HS928, and hybrid blower. For 2014 year, Honda launched few variations – HS1332TA and HS1332TAS. […]

  • 2014 Honda Power HS724

    The 2014 Honda Power HS724 is a mid class snowblower form Japanese company. This is an area where Honda saw its chance to overtake the market, and according to information gathered so far, they are doing well. These, with other outdoor machines are very useful, and company is taking this area seriously as it is […]