Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Kontrabrands A.M.L. 2015 Honda Fit

    Car show in Las Vegas, also known as SEMA show, is the chance for all tuners and cars that are capable for tuning to show off. One of the models that stole this year’s show is 2015 Honda Fit. Many companies and factories were involved in modification of the hatchback, and among them, one model […]

  • 2017 Honda S2000

    New generation of Honda’s sport vehicles lineup is being in development phase. We expect refreshment in 2017 with new S2000 model. This is not so big surprise since Japanese carmaker is already preparing another two models, S660 and NSX for next two or three years. The 2017 Honda S2000 is expected to return due to […]

  • Kenny Vinces 2015 Honda Fit

    Many tuners took part in this year’s SEMA show. Honda Fit model was one of the most popular, and we could see modifications from HPD team, Mad Industries and Bisimoto. However, one of the most attractive versions was Kenny Vinces 2015 Honda Fit. Other tuned models paid attention on design or performance, rarely on both […]

  • Mad Industries 2015 Honda Fit

    Unlikely the other car shown in SEMA show in Las Vegas, Honda Fit modified by Mad Industries has only design changes. Yes, it is truth, engine is the same as for the base model. Most other vehicles are tuned Fit models, and it happened mostly on performance end. However, Mad Industries 2015 Honda Fit design […]

  • HPD Supercharged CR-Z Indy Car

    First prototype of the Supercharged CR-Z vehicle was presented way back in 2012. Ever since, all fans have been waiting for production model to arrive at dealerships. However, now tuned CR-Z model is never closer to it. At 2014 SEMA car show we’ve seen latest car from HPD team.  That should be high-performance version of […]

  • Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Turbo

    SEMA show have been a happening for over the half of the century where all carmakers could present their vehicles with tuned styling and performance. For 2014 SEMA hosted variety of Honda special vehicles. Among them was customized Fit. One of modifications was Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Turbo. Honda Performance Development (HPD) team modified the […]

  • Bisimoto 2015 Honda Fit Spec car

    Las Vegas hosted another SEMA show this year. For all lovers of the tuned vehicles, this is the chance to spot new variations of already launched cars. This year, Honda Performance Development took the spotlight before others with few modified cars. In cooperation with Bisimoto team, they have shown two FIT versions, Turbo and Spec […]

  • HPD 2015 Honda Fit B-specs

    Honda Performance Development sector had a whole lot of work before this year’s SEMA show. Many concept and race vehicles were presented, and one of the cars that left best impression is HPD 2015 Honda Fit B-specs. This race car is made for racing, especially for tracks such as SCCA club racing, World Challenge, and […]

  • 2016 Acura TLX

    After big redesign for 2015 year model, Acura is preparing new changes and updates for its model TLX for following year. This brand is Honda’s branch in mid-size sedan market, and experts assume it will be capable to compete with cars with longer tradition. However, 2016 Acura TLX will get new styling details, area where […]

  • 2015 Honda Civic Natural Gas

    New Honda Civic started its selling. Except standard models, most attention caused new hybrid and natural gas models, which are new addition to the Civic lineup. Their main characteristic is greater mileage, while also having most of the features standard models have. On the other side, performance and of course the price are modified, but […]