Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • Honda Gear concept

    If we consider that demand for small and affordable cars is in great expansion, it is not surprise that Honda has plans to reinforce its line-up of subcompact models. In that order, Japanese auto maker present new concept car simply called Gear on the last Auto Show in Montreal. It is designed especially for youth […]

  • Honda FCEV concept

    This concept car was presented last November on the Los Angeles Auto Show and it gained mostly very positive critics. This five seat model, characterized by an ultra aerodynamic design, hints the company’s next-generation of fuel cell vehicles, which should inherit the FCX Clarity. It is expected that this kind of vehicle to enter into […]

  • 2015 Honda CRF450R

    Honda is preparing new lineup for their motorcycle segment. The 2015 Honda CRF450R will be new motocross bike, updated from last year’s model. Some of the changes come for rotors, tires and new electronics. Of course, engine will suffer some modifications. As probably most significant update will come at suspension system, because there will be […]

  • 2015 Honda CRF250R

    The 2015 Honda CRF250R will be part of the new motocross bikes from leading company in the market. Many changes are announced comparing to the previous models, so we will get new Honda CRF250R. Most exciting change comes with suspension, where well-known company Showa will make these especially for Honda CRF250R. However, new bike will […]

  • 2016 Honda Pilot

    Originally launched in 2003, Honda Pilot passed through many phases of its development. The interesting thing about this SUV is that Honda had always listen to customers critics, so every year come something new with Pilot. So, 2016 Honda Pilot will come as a whole new generation model, with many improvements in order to even […]

  • 2014 Honda NC700X

    When this bike was firstly introduced in 2012, it was a big surprise. Although it does not have its own character, it is designed mostly younger riders. That was clear when we saw DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission) installed on this bike. Although this does not mean too much for experienced riders, it is a really big […]

  • 2016 Honda S660

    Honda decided to start production of S660 model which will be the name of the attractive two-seat roadster, based on EV-STER concept car. The car will be manufactured in Yokkaichi assembly, just like Beat was. 2016 Honda S660 tribute to Honda Beat Honda S660 was introduced last year in 2013 Tokyo Auto Show. This concept […]

  • 2016 Honda CR-Z

    For 2016 model we expect redesigned version of CR-Z which will be based on new 2015 Civic Type R. It will get new sporty and exciting design and also much more power than the current model. Because of its similarities to new Civic, which is extremely popular in Europe, it is expected that new CR-Z […]

  • 2015 Honda Pilot Special Edition

    Basically, new 2015 Honda Pilot hasn’t changed many things from a vehicle that was redesigned in 2012.Then were made a lot of modifications, and models after it were just updated, usually technology features inside the SUV. It kept most options for 2015 Pilot, also trim levels and packages. 2015 Honda Pilot Special Edition trim level […]

  • 2015 Honda Crider

    It is very interesting to see how car industry goes in totally opposite way compared to other developments in this era of globalization. Unlike other, the trend in car industry in past few years is that there are many models are made especially for one part of the world. It was firstly North American, European […]