Monthly Archives: June 2014

  • 2014 Honda Rebel

    Honda Rebel was originally launched in 1985 and over almost three decades, it is one of the company’s most popular models. This model, also called CMX 250 is a part of Honda’s CM cruiser series and it is characterized by small engine, light weight and excellent fuel economy. Although it is called Rebel, it does […]

  • 2014 Honda Interceptor

    Honda Interceptor, also known as VFR 800 is Honda’s motorcycle which was originally launched in 1998. It is a part of Honda’s VF and VFR family of bikes. It has a powerful V4 engine and it is known for its versatile characteristics. It belongs somewhere between touring and sport bike class. On the one side, […]

  • 2014 Honda Fury

    Honda VT1300CX or simply called Fury is one of the few choppers that are actually in confrontation with tradition. Unlike most bikes of this type this one is very radical. This bike was the product of joined design teams from U.S and Japan. It was designed by stylists from Honda R&D Americas (HRA) and Asaka […]

  • 2014 Honda CTX 700N

    Honda launched a whole new CTX series, which are characterized by simplicity but also high technology, excellent performances but also great riding experience. One of the models from this series is CTX 700. This bike is definitely one of those that give you all you need for a two wheel adventure. It designed for exploring […]

  • 2015 Honda Brio

    It is reported that Honda is working on the new compact crossover vehicle. It is believed that it will come as 2015 Honda Brio. This car was very popular, so Japanese carmaker decided to launch version during next year. Brio platform makes the vehicle look as Honda Jazz, just smaller. However, this compact SUV is […]

  • Acura ZDX stop production

    Deserved or not, Acura ZDX goes into retirement. The official information was announced from Honda that production of this model will be ended with 2013 year model. After only several years of production, ZDX will be discontinued. However, the company’s spokesman did not say any reason for this move, but we can say that it […]

  • 2015 Honda PCX150

    The Honda PCX150 is one of the most popular scooters in the world. For 2015 year model, Honda prepares a whole new model, which should keep and even improve already excellent sales result. New 2015 Honda PCX150 will get new design and it will be also improved in almost every aspect. It will be available […]

  • 2014 Honda Grom

    This year Honda is coming with all new 2014 Grom. It is a small street bike, which is characterized with small dimensions, small engine and light weight but on the other side, it suppose to be extremely easy and fun for ride. It is designed primary for young riders but it could be also very […]

  • 2014 Honda Fireblade

    Every person who loves bikes knows exactly what the name of Fireblade means in motorcycle world. This is simply legendary bike. For over 20 years this bike is one of the most respected bikes in its class, one of two or three world’s best. Although term “superbike” is used very often nowdays, it is definitely […]

  • 2014 Honda CB1100

    In late 2012, Honda released new “retro” standard motorcycle called CB1100. That combination of old school looking and new technologies turned out to excellent combination. For 2014 year model, Honda CB1100 will get several improvements. However, the main novelty is new Deluxe version. 2014 Honda CB1100 design and specs As we already said, this is […]