2014 Honda Valkyrie

First preoccupation of the Honda is their motor company. They have improved their four-wheel vehicles production, and now are better positioned at markets, but motorcycles are the thing Japanese company is known about. They took over some markets in cars, truck and SUV segments, but they dominate at bike market. Because of that, lineup should be refreshed every year, and that’s why we will get 2014 Valkyrie as one of the hopes for company’s success continuation.

2014 Honda Valkyrie front view

2014 Valkyrie changes

Changes on the 2014 Honda Valkyrie can be seen on the entire bike. Chassis is different and new look should attract more buyers. Also, Honda has been working on engine boost fot the motorcycle, and next year we will get better specifications and performance. However, this will be resurrection of the model that has been dropped in 2003. However, its look and impact wasn’t forgotten. Now, we have it back as Honda Valkyrie 2014. Changed, but still recognizable, hopes from Honda are on this bike.

2014 Honda Valkyrie side view

2014 Honda Valkyrie models

Two models of 2014 Honda Valkyrie will be available. Base model is known as Gold Wing. However, all fans could get additionally 2014 Valkyrie F6B as a part of Gold Wing segment. It is down version of mentioned model. Body style is the same, bags are as hard as base model, but F6B is lighter model. Also, it looks more aggressive, trying to catch some attention from younger buyers.

2014 Honda Valkyrie drive

2014 Honda Valkyrie engine

Powertrain of the 2014 Honda Valkyrie is 1,832 cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected flat-six engine and five-speed transmission. It is placed on twin-spar aluminum frame. It is obvious that bike is lower than before, which could boost impression of a low center of gravity. Brakes are dual on front wheel and single on rear. ABS is available on some packages. The 2014 Valkyrie can take up to 6,1 gallons of gas, which is good for over 200 miles of drive. Mileage is not confirmed yet, but experts predict it to be around 35 mpg.

2014 Honda Valkyrie price

Pricing of the 2014 Honda Valkyrie has been already released. Base models starts from $18.000, and goes up to $24.000 for top models.

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