2014 Honda Prelude

Honda Prelude is a 2-door sports coupe which was originally launched in 1978. It was loosely derived from Accord and it spanned five generations. Although it was trademarked by Toyota, it was give Honda for use. This two-door coupe belonged to class of Japanese sport coupes which was consisted of several iconic models such as Toyota Celica, Nissan Silvia and Mitsubishi Eclipse. Suddenly, production was stopped in 2001 for some reason. However, there are some rumors that this iconic coupe will be on the road again. According to some fan forums, Honda already working on new coupe and, although name is unknown, many fans hope that it could be the reincarnation of this legend as new 2014 Prelude.

2014 Honda Prelude

2014 Honda Prelude – all-new model

Although launch of this model isn’t confirmed, to be honest it is just an expectation of many fans, we will make some presumption about how new model would look like. If we consider that last model was made over a decade ago, it is clear that 2014 won’t have almost anything common with its predecessor. According to some draws that appeared on the internet, 2014 Honda Prelude will look extremely aggressive and quite futuristic. However, on those sketches it looks pretty much unlike any other model from Hondas line up so its authenticity is very questionable. Anyway, no matter how next model will look like. It is for sure that it will feature latest hi-tech features, which will satisfy all needs of modern drivers. However, that is not the main thing about this model. It had always been characterized by excellent performances, so we have no doubt that the same thing will be with 2014 Honda Prelude. Since this model is out of production for many years and there isn’t any indication, it is hard to say anything about possible engine options and possible amount of power. It is hard to believe that it will use some new engine. The 2014 Honda Prelude will rather use some engine which can be found in models such as Civic etc.

2014 Honda Prelude

2014 Honda Prelude future

Since there is no any information about possible release date and price, it is very unrealistic to expect to see Prelude as 2014 year model. If Honda even plans to launch this model, it won’t be in next year or two for sure.

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