2014 Honda Power HS928

Snowblowers are latest area where Honda is making its way and a statement as one of the company with widest range of cars, machines and other equipment. They have products in lawn mowers and different type of pumps, but their sales of blowers for snow are growing every day. One of the latest models is 2014 Honda Power HS928. It is mid-range blower with excellent performance and consumption. So, no more shovels, when you can afford such machine for easy cleaning.

2014 Honda Power HS928 front view

2014 Honda Power HS928 features

Main characteristic of 2014 Honda Power HS928 is that machine can clear up to 50 tons of snow per hour. Height of show that could be blew is 20 inches, and width is 28 inches. That means 2014 Honda HS928 can easily clean huge amounts. It is also easy adjustable and driven. The 2014 HS928 has self-propelled, infinitely variable hydrostatic drive and track drive. Power is secured from Honda OHV commercial grade engine.

2014 Honda Power HS928 specs

The 2014 Honda Power HS928 gets Honda GX270 engine. Displacement of it unit is 270 cc and it uses recoil system. Max fuel capacity is 1.32 gallons. The 2014 HS928 has hydrostatic, infinitely variable drive mechanism with 210 degrees chute turning radius. Total amount of snow blown in one hour is 50 tons. Honda also offers warranty for Honda Power HS928 of three years.

2014 Honda Power HS928 in use

2014 Honda Power HS928 performance

Starting the GX270 engine is easy. The 2014 Honda Power HS928 can start even in low temperatures. Rubber tracks works perfect on low temperatures with solid traction and ideal balance. With them, tough terrain is not unbeatable by 2014 Honda HS928. Track drive system could be set in three positions and auger provides great clearing ability. You can set it up for pavement, uneven ground or transport. You can do all this with foot pedal. Snow deflection on 2014 HS928 could be also adjusted at your wish with 210 degrees of rotation and 70 degrees of elevation. There is also an ice breaking serrated auger for enhanced performance and durability.

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