2014 Honda Power HS724

The 2014 Honda Power HS724 is a mid class snowblower form Japanese company. This is an area where Honda saw its chance to overtake the market, and according to information gathered so far, they are doing well. These, with other outdoor machines are very useful, and company is taking this area seriously as it is for car segment. Main characteristics for all Honda products, as well as for 2014 Power HS724 snowblower, are reliability and durability. When you add useful functionality and great performance, we are sure that these kinds of machines will replace shovels and such equipment needed for house work.

2014 Honda Power HS724

2014 Honda Power HS724 specs and price

This snowblower is available for around $2500. That price looks popular among buyers, since this is one of the most favored blowers. It is not best performer, and price for it is not the lowest, but combination of performance and money invested in 2014 Honda Power HS724 is probably the reason why so many people decide to take it. However, this snowblower has self-propelled, infinitely variable hydrostatic drive. As it is about tracking, track drive provides best available traction.

2014 Honda Power HS724 side view

Auger is adjustable and snow clearing is a piece of cake for 2014 Honda Power HS724. You won’t have problems with starting this machine since it has. Clearing capacity is 46 tons per hour and dimensions of snow wall which could be easily overcome for 2014 HS724 are 24 inch width and 17 inches weight. It blows snow 46 feet away from its chute.

2014 Honda Power HS724 in use

2014 Honda Power HS724 trims

There will be two trim levels available for 2014 Honda Power HS724. These will have marks WA and TA. Both of them use GX200 OHV commercial grade engine. Displacement will be at 196 cc and fuel capacity is just under 1 gallon. Clutch Hydrostatic provides better traction. Radius of chute turning is 210 degrees, so all users can easily set up blow direction wherever they want. Overall weight of 2014  HS724 is 200 lbs and company offers warranty of 3 years for it.

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