2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid

Japanese carmaker is going forward with its lineup and equipment for all sorts of work. Honda is not only well-known for their vehicles, but also other equipment. Recently, they started productions of snowblowers which caught a lot of interest among buyers. However, one of the machines which has shown as the most interesting is 2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid. This snowblower is everything you used from Honda. Reliable and powerful engine inside the blower, and innovative and intelligent design and use.

2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid front view

First Hybrid Snowblower

The 2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid is the first snowblower that works on this combination of engines. It has replaced other models from HS928 and HS1332 series. However, this is not only innovation from Honda added to its 2014 Power HS1336i Hybrid. US buyers have plenty of features which boost performance of this snowblower.

2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid engine

As every hybrid, 2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid is a mix of petrol and electric units. It is powered from iGX390 four-stroke overhead valve (OHV) horizontal shaft engine which powers fan and auger.

2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid side view

That is for clearing and throwing the snow. On the other side, it also charges a electric battery of 2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid. Meanwhile, electric motors are controlling the track drive forward propulsion. There are two of these in every snowblower. Also, theses are used as a generator during deceleration. With electric motors, 2014 HS1336i Hybrid regenerates electrical energy. Overall, this combination makes snowblower more efficient and environmental friendly with less emission.

2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid features

To be easy to use, Japanese company made a lot of accessories available for 2014 HS1336i Hybrid. First of all, we have external lever for starting up the blower, so it makes it run even when carburetor is frozen.

2014 Honda Power HS1336i Hybrid in use

On the back of the snowblower we have cover. It is integrated with tool box. So, if you need anything from your equipment, you can store it there and access easily to it. Another feature among others, worth of mentioning, is Icing guard, which prevents  carburetor from freezing in cold temperatures.

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