2014 Honda Power HS1332

Snowblowers are growing their popularity and their company in US. Honda made a breakthrough in the market with some new models, and seems like shovels are becoming history. The 2014 Honda Power HS1332 is one of the latest updates with HS928, and hybrid blower. For 2014 year, Honda launched few variations – HS1332TA and HS1332TAS. However, 2014 Honda HS1332 is going to be nice addition to lineup of outdoor power equipment, including water and other type pumps, trimmers, lawn mowers, etc.

2014 Honda Power HS1332 front view

2014 Honda Power HS1332 engine

The snowblower is powered from GX390 four-stroke engine. This unit provides better performance and increased capability. With it, 2014 Honda Power HS1332 can clear 32-inch swath. That makes GX390 one of the best powertrains for snowblowers. On this behalf, there is information of clearing capacity which is around 35 tons per hour. This track-driven blower can throw snow 56 away from it. The 2014 HS1332 is available as easy-starting manual or electric starter-equipped models.

2014 Honda Power HS1332 side view

This commercial grade engines give great power with reduced noise and vibration. What is good is that even it has more power, consumption is reduced. Also, new 2014 HS1332 is more environmental friendly.

2014 Honda Power HS1332 features

The 2014 Honda Power HS1332 has egg-shaped disk for smoother cleaning. It replaced shear bolt that was used on previous models. The disk could be changed easily it something happens in work. Also, new impellers are used to maximize snow-throwing distance and improve durability comparing to previous blowers. Shape of the impeller is set to allow easy enhancements. Speed of impeller is boosted and noise reduced.

2014 Honda Power HS1332 in use

For smoother drive, tires are ply rated and these are increasing rigidity, which is causing better balance and stability of 2014 HS1332. Direction of thrown snow is controlled with electric two-stage shooter. This feature is easy to operate with single lever. Direction could be set to be wider or longer.

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