2014 Honda CBR500R

It is no wonder that this bike is one of the most popular in its class. This one is perfect example of what mid-weight sports bike should be. It has fantastic bodywork, it has powerful engine and excellent performances and plenty sophisticated features. It is a great street machine and should be an excellent choice not only for riders ready to move up a displacement class, but also for all those who are looking for light machine with excellent  performances.

2014 Honda CBR500R

2014 Honda CBR500R design

This model is a sports bike, so it is logic also to look like that. It has fantastic bodywork which makes this bike not only a good looking one, but also a motorcycle with an excellent aerodynamics. The 2014 Honda CBR500R is equipped with halogen headlights and multi-facet reflectors, which give this bike both unique look and great visibility. Like most of Honda’s new models, this one is also equipped with full LCD screen which features clock, odometer, trip meter, real-time and average fuel consumption meters and illuminated engine diagnostic indicators. It also features stepped two-piece seat, which is specially designed for a very wide range of riders. The 2014 Honda CBR500R is full of details, so you can find things such as stainless steel exhaust and rear handle grips which will make your passenger feel more comfortable.

2014 Honda CBR500R

2014 Honda CBR500R engine

The engine is main thing about every bike. This one is powered with 471 cc twin-parallel liquid-cooled engine which gives enough power for almost everyone. Riding is smooth and response is excellent in every rpm range. Thanks to Honda’s Programmed Fuel injection and great short-shifting 6-speed transmission, 2014 CBR500R rides very smooth and it capable for almost every style of ride. Fuel capacity is 4.1 gallons (0.7 on reserve) while estimated average fuel consumption is around 70 mpg.

2014 Honda CBR500R

2014 Honda CBR500R price

The 2014 Honda CBR500R is not only an excellent sports bike. This bike has a perfect balance between price, quality and performance. For less than 6000 dollars you won’t find better bike in this class for sure. This model is available in Black, Pearl White/Blue/Red, Red colors.

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