2014 Honda CB1100

In late 2012, Honda released new “retro” standard motorcycle called CB1100. That combination of old school looking and new technologies turned out to excellent combination. For 2014 year model, Honda CB1100 will get several improvements. However, the main novelty is new Deluxe version.

2014 Honda CB1100

2014 Honda CB1100 design and specs

As we already said, this is an old school bike. It has great retro look just like other models from CB series. For the 2014 year model, standard model will be available only in black color, while 2014 CB1100 Deluxe will be available in retro red (known as candy red) color. With big 1142cc air cooled engine, 32 inches of seat height, 58.7 inches of wheelbase and with sleek four-into-two exhaust system this bike really brings the spirit of the 70’s. Definitely, the biggest improvement for 2014 Honda CB1100 is new transmission. Honda has listened the voice of critics and decided to install new 6-speed gearbox and offer it as standard, so you will now have an extra 6th gear.

2014 Honda CB1100

2014 Honda CB1100 Deluxe version

For this year, Honda has decided to offer one more, Deluxe version of this bike. This version have several improvements such as ABS brake system, a larger fuel tank (4.6 gallons compared to standard’s 3.9) and a sleek four-into-two exhaust system. The 2014 Honda CB1100 Deluxe also features retro stitched-look seat and restyled side covers, but this is also available for standard model as optional.

2014 Honda CB1100

2014 Honda CB1100 price

This model is definitely one of the best classic bikes on the market. With solved transmission problem we can easily say now that this is an excellent motorcycle. The 2014 CB1100 has perfect 1140 cc air and oil cooled four-cylinder engine, fantastic retro look, it is very fun to drive, so we can’t find a flaw on this bike that easy. What about price? Well, like the other things about this bike, price also a positive feature. This bike is not only good, but also affordable. The standard model cost around 10.400 dollars, while for Deluxe version you will have to pay around 1.500 dollars more (11.900 dollars).

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